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A Busy Week for Akumin! (AKU-Q, AKU-T)

It has been a busy week for Akumin (AKU-Q, AKU-T)! Several important developments were announced including:

  1. A business update that estimates Akumin’s Q4/2020 relative value unit (RVU) volume to be 1.5mm units, just ~5% below pre-COVID volumes in Q4/2019.

  2. The signing of non-binding letters of intent (LOI’s) related to the acquisition of 18 facilities with aggregate annual Adjusted EBITDA of approx. US$17mm, inclusive of expected synergies.

  3. The offering of additional senior secured notes increasing the principal amount of the 7% notes due 2025 by US$75mm. Recall that Akumin issued US$400mm of senior secured notes in November 2020.

  4. The closing of the senior note offering yesterday (Feb 11). Full details can be found in the press release.

These developments pave the way for an exciting year ahead for Akumin! Please feel free to contact me if you would like some additional colour.


Jeffrey White

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