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Hinge Markets

Enlightened Capital Markets Advisory Services

Hinge Markets is ready to help grow your business with our expert knowledge of the capital markets and the players that matter most. 


Let us develop a customized capital markets strategy for your company, connect you with the right partners, and effectively craft and communicate your message to a targeted audience. 


We have the experience and relationships to assist you.

Capital Markets Strategy Optimization

Comprehensive Knowledge of the North American Capital Markets Ecosystem

We have the expertise to help you take your business to the next level with capital markets and organizational strategy insights - including capital structure optimization, strategic investor alignment, and identification and advancement of business development opportunities through an extensive network of senior executives in virtually all Canadian industry sectors.

Impactful Investor Relations and Communications


Your Company's Unique Story will Resonate

Investors today are bombarded by information from countless sources touting a plethora of 'investment opportunities' - yet are faced with a growing array of challenges including strict mandates, compliance constraints and performance hurdles.  As senior industry insiders for over 20 years, we know the audience and can develop an investor relations and communications strategy that will resonate with a targeted set of investors.

Tailored Financing Alternatives and Fundraising

Customized Finance Solutions for your Business to Ensure Long-term Success

Our corporate finance experience enables us to evaluate fundraising alternatives best suited to your company's needs - including important considerations such as structure, cost, liquidity, flexibility and target audience.  Our strong relationships with an extensive institutional and retail investor base, including a deep understanding of their mandates and objectives, enables us to connect you to the right investment partners.

Our Services
What We Do: Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Corporate Governance That Surpasses

It starts with the people...

We can connect you with the talent, and design the processes, that will bring the skills and credibility you need to take your business to the next level.

Corporate Structure That Enables

Positioning your business for success...

Your company's capital structure will dictate what financing options are available to you down the road - let us help you optimize it.

Financing Solutions That Work

Find the right partners...

Your business needs capital to grow - we can evaluate the alternatives available, customize a solution to your needs, and market your story to the investors that are best positioned to help you succeed.

Business Development That Impacts

Grow your business...

At Hinge, we have developed strong relationships with a vast network of senior executives in virtually all industry sectors - let us connect you with those best positioned to help your business grow.

Investor Relations That Resonates

Engage with your key stakeholders...

Investors face more constraints than ever in their search for suitable investments - we will help you reach the right audience with a message that addresses their unique considerations.

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