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Akumin Releases Q3 Results and 2022 Guidance

It has been a busy week at Akumin! There have been a number of important developments including:

  • The release of our Q3 consolidated financial results on Dec 13th/21, which includes 1 month of combined results following the acquisition of Alliance Healthcare Services on September 1/21.

  • The release of our 2022 guidance including Revenue ($760-$870mm) and Adjusted EBITDA ($155-$170mm).

  • The filing of our new corporate presentation for the combined company which is now posted on our website.

Akumin will host an investor call on Friday, December 17, 2021 at 8:00 am (ET). Management will discuss changes to the Company’s business resulting from the closing of the Alliance HealthCare Services acquisition, as well as Q3 Fiscal 2021 results.

Please join us on the call!

R. Jeffrey White

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