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Hinge Markets



Today, the capital markets dynamic is radically changing. 

Traditional participants are facing unprecedented challenges as new competitors emerge and more onerous regulatory constraints are imposed.  This new paradigm will require companies to adapt if they are to succeed.

A different approach to capital markets strategy is clearly required - one that draws on the experience of the past to propel companies into the future. 

Let us ensure your capital markets success.

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Our Motivation

Markets are in the midst of unprecedented change... is your company ready?

The investment landscape is changing like never before.  The emergence of alternative investment vehicles and more onerous regulatory regimes has made navigating the capital markets increasingly challenging for many participants:

  • Small and medium-sized companies: Find it more difficult to connect with an increasingly selective audience of potential investors and partners.

  • Active small-cap and mid-cap investors: Face competition from low-cost, passive/index funds and more rigourous investment thresholds driven by increased regulatory oversight.

  • Traditional intermediaries: Have been slow to adapt and are losing relevance with their corporate and investing clients.

After 20+ years spent in senior leadership roles at global investment banks and Canadian independent and bank-owned investment dealers, it was clear that the market was in need of a new solution...HINGE MARKETS.

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